Centenary Engineer’s Day Celebrations

Engineer’s Day was celebrated at UVCE was celebrated on September 15, 2017 on the occasion of Sir. M Visvesvaraya’s Birthday.

Sir M Visvesvaraya’s bust at the entrance of the college was garlanded by the principal  and later in the afternoon an inspirational talk on Sir. MV was given by Dr. Venugopal K. R. in the seminar hall.

Eminent entrupuners T V Raghunath and Narayan G Sabhahit, both alumni of the college, were felicitated on this occasion. Later in the function, cash prizes and certificates for the participants of eassy writing competations were distributed.


University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering honors its 160 teachers at centenary

Teachers Day was celebrated in grand manner at UVCE on account of Centenary Year.

Many retired faculty of UVCE were felicitated by the dignitaries – Dr M R Srinivasan, Prof Rhoddam Narasimha, Dr Chidananda Gowda, Dr R Natarajan along with Dr N Ramesh (VC, Bangalore University) and Dr Venugopal K R (Principal, UVCE).

Later, the current faculty members were honored as well. The current students witnessed this historic moment and understood the heritage and legacy of UVCE.

Everyone who attended the event were filled with feeling of pride and were also inspired to achieve something in their lives.


IEEE Events report 2015

IEEE Events report 2015

  • An industrial visit was organized by IEEE Bangalore Section to Rail Wheel Factory, 18 people from UVCE had participated in the Industrial Visit.
  • A session on Practical Application of Semantic Web, Natural Language processing and Big Data by Bijil Abraham Philip, alumnus of UVCE and a graduate from University of Southern California 21st January, 2015. The talk gave a deep insight of on various tools used in the filed on Natural Language Processing and Big Data analytics. Topics like Ontologies AND PROTÉGÉ, RDF, TRIPLE STORES AND KARMA, Linked Data, SPARQL AND JENA API, NLP TECHNIQUES, CORENLP AND NLTK, APACHE MAHOUT, Neo4j, and NoSQL were also briefed.
  • The buzzer challenge was conducted to provide an exciting opportunity to design a buzzer that will be used during the Quiz contest in own college during Impetus and other fests to come in the future. Around 10 teams were shortlisted among many participated in the event and were given a deadline of 20 days to submit the working model. Winners of the event were awarded a cash prize of INR 5000.
  • On 16th February 2015, a session on Basics of Photoshop was held to teach participants more about the various tools used in Photoshop, to create posters, edit photos and much more. Basic essential concepts like handling Layers, making event posters were discussed and briefed to the participants. A huge crowd of around 70 people attended this event.
  • IDEANAUTS, A Hands-on session for making ideas actionable and to create a road map for the next steps was organized by IEEE UVCE. Ravikiran Annaswamy, Bangalore Section Chair IEEE and alumnus UVCE, was the speaker for the event. About 40 enthusiastic students actively took part in the event on 19th February, 2015.
  • Dexterous communication, an event organized by the Literary Club aimed at improving speaking and communication skill. The event was conducted on 19th of February 2015. Around 75 students attended the event.
  • WIE IEEE UVCE in collaboration with Kalari Gurukulam conducted a self-defense workshop for girls in UVCE on March 11th, 2015. The event saw a good turnout of 40 female students and a few professors who were taught basic skills on self-defense.
  • Web-designing classes for UVCEians were conducted by Tejas J, who is an alumnus of our college and a free-lancing web designer. It was a series of 8 classes spread over a month time and web technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and MYSQL were taught hands on and assignments were given so that the attendees make the best use of the class knowledge.
  • Nihal Kashinath, Founder, IoT Bangalore was invited to talk on the topic ‘Introduction to IOT’. The talk was the first curtain raiser event of IMPETUS 15.0 which was held on 6th March 2015. 140 people attended the talk where young engineering’s were exposed to the field of IOT.
  • A two day Hands on Workshop on Embedded Game Development by Technophilia Systems was organized at UVCE on 7th and 8th March, 2015. A paid event saw a turnout of 40 people from UVCE, BMSCE, MSRIT and MVJIT. A Zonal level competition was conducted at the end of the event and winners were invited to participate in National Level at Mumbai.
  • On account of International Women’s Day Celebrations Mrs. Suguna Rajaram, Manager HR, Evolving Systems, Bangalore addressed the gathering on the topic of ‘Women Empowerment in IT – From a HR perspective’. The event was conducted in association with IEEE Bangalore Section and students from various colleges took part in the event.
  • A a talk on “Internet Of Things –The Next Big Thing” by Mr. Chandrashekar Raman, Strategy and Planning Lead, IOT GTM-EMEAR, Cisco-Bangalore And Strategic Advisor to openBerlin (Cisco IoT innovation center in Berlin). The event took place on 10th March, 2015. Mr. Chandrashekar Raman spoke on the importance of Fog Computing and explained the IOT stack and CISCO’s role in the field of IOT.
  • Android Workshop in Collaboration with YELO, a startup which works on Android was conducted on 14th March 2015. This was a paid event and around 80 students took part in the event. Basic apps which made use of torch and camera were built during the session. Co-founders and Developers of YELO addressed the gathering on the importance of Startup and how Android is used as a tool in the age of Startups.
  • A Talk on Sensor Interfaces for Internet of Things was held on 17th March. Mr.Javeed, Research Schola, IISc was the speaker of the hour. The talk was focused on how sensors play a vital role in the development and deployment of IOT apps. Sensor interfacing is a very crucial topic which was attended by around 70 people of UVCE.
  • A Science Quiz for science enthusiast was held on 18th March 2015. Topics were general and questions handpicked from various fields. A crowd of 120 people attended the quiz and the environment was electrifying.
  • A Talk by Mr Bharath GP, Software Engineer, and Microsoft India focused on the importance of Source control and Uses of GIT and GITHUB. The event was conducted on 20th March 2015. He stressed the importance of Open Source communities and contribution towards the same.
  • Sky watch was held in UVCE on 22nd March 2015. Moon, Jupiter and Venus was observed on the day. Around 30 students, 15 professors along with Principal took keen interest in the event. The event was organized by Astronomy Club of IEEE UVCE.
  • Raspberry Pi Workshop was conducted on 28th March 2015, where students got an opportunity to works on Rpi. Puneet Poduri our alumnus, presented to us the Power or python when used with Rpi. Software such as PuTTy was taught to students so that they can SSH and necessary commands and skills were briefed during the workshop. Around 50 students attended.
  • Cricket Quiz was held on 30th March 2015, which provided a platform for cricket enthusiast to share their fondness to the game. A non-technical event saw a huge participation of around 150 participants, as it was conducted around World Cup time.
  • A paper Mache Face Mask making competition combined with a Treasure Hunt, was organized by Art Forum UVCE. This event helped in the creation of few beautiful masks with IEEE logo on them. The event had a hidden motive of noticing the creativity of people in art and strengthen their digital designing skills.
  • A first of its kind, two day Quad-copter workshop was conducted in UVCE with the help of AVEON Aerospace on 4th April 2015. The workshop involved building a drone using a DIY kit was a hit. Around 60 people took part in this paid workshop.
  • − IMPETUS is our National Level Technical Extravaganza, This year IMPETUS was themed at a trending topic ‘Internet of Things’. Impetus at a glance 13 tech and fun events, 5 Flagship events, exclusive quadcopter event, 2 exclusive online events. 1000+ Footfall ,550 participants,300+ online event participants,12 curtain raisers, 4 Workshops, 7 eminent speakers,200+ Workshop participants , 4600+ Website hits and more than 20000+ request for Walstreet Online event.
  • XCode, an event which tested the programming skills of the students. It witnessed a huge participation mainly because the difficulty level of the questions was moderate and everyone could take back a new learning experience at the end. The first round was to debug code and write short programs, followed by a coding challenge on the Hacker earth platform.
  • Techno twist was a literary event modeled technically. It had three rounds namely video synthesis, Spell Bee and Just-A-Minute. All the three rounds had a hint of technical side to it.
  • Electrosurge was an event on puzzles and technical knowledge. The final round was circuit designing based on simulation. Students were acquainted to the simulation tool via a seminar a week prior to the event.
  • The manual robotics event, Bauen, looked for the best robots that could clear tasks like climb ascending slopes, pick up objects, traverse along twists and turns and find a course through breaks in the path. To explain how robots are built, a hands-on workshop was carried out in advance.
  • There were few other technical events like Dawn of the Smart Age, where participants had to build a futuristic smart city by solving challenging problems, and XOps, which tested students’ knowledge over a wide variety of field, be it technical or general.
  • Game of Drones was one of the unique and spectacular events of this year’s IMPETUS. It was a competition among Quadcopters where the drone had to complete a specified task. The problem statement was to burst three balloons at different heights, adding an additional piercing mechanism to the Quadcopters. It was a feast to the audience’s eyes. The Quadcopters were built by the students itself through a workshop on Micro-Quadcopters, which was organized as a curtain raiser prior to the fest. This workshop was organized by Avian Aerospace who have a reputation for conducting workshops on all sorts of unmanned vehicles. It covered all the basic concepts involved in building a Quadcopter and witnessed a good participation from both UVCE and other colleges.
  • An IBM Project Demo Stall was arranged at the fest where representatives from IBM’s Bluemix Team came and demonstrated their product Bluemix that is related to IoT. IBM Bluemix is the latest cloud offering from IBM which enables organizations and developers to quickly and easily create, deploy and manage applications on the cloud. They started with a brief description on the new open source software. A demonstration on trending microcontroller devices like Raspberry pie was also presented.
  • XOps, which tested students’ knowledge over a wide variety of field, be it technical or general. Around 90 participants attended the event which was moderated by Vision UVCE Alumni Association.
  • SUMMIT is a Flag-ship event in IEEE UVCE’s IMPETUS, A keynote speech by Mr. Arvind Tiwary who is an IoT evangelist. With around twenty plus years of multi-disciplinary experience in Financial Services and Information Technology, his speech was more than helpful for students to consider IoT as a career option. He mentioned different projects that could be taken up in college industry were called to join in that is, Dileep Parchuri, presently working as the Project Manager at Intel Technologies, Sameet Mudbidri, Entrepreneur in Residence at GSF India, Saurav Panda, Founder and CEO of Absimpl Internet Systems. The discussion was mostly regarding the scope as well as the challenges involved in IoT and gave a brief insight into their field of expertise. The same panelists were the judges for the student parliament called Summit, organized by ECell UVCE. Summit witnessed a healthy participation from not just UVCE but other colleges like PESU, BMSCE, and SKSJTI etc. as well. Students had to come up with innovative solutions on how to make a city better and build a Smart City using IoT.
  • IEEE UVCE in collaboration with Calligo Technologies conducted Parallel Programming workshop. Members and also Non-members from the department of CSE were shortlisted for the event. Students were taught on software’s used by Calligo and where allowed to connect to servers at Calligo technologies and work on them. 60 Students took part in this event.
  • On 5th May 2015, LEXIA a fun-filled event organized by 1st Year EC people. Freshers in college are given a chance to conduct events and seniors usually take part in this event. The event was well organized and around 80 participants participated.
  • A Field Trip to TITAN industries at Hosur, was organized on May 9th 2015. Which provided students a unique opportunity to explore the production of various parts of the watch and their assembly. A batch of 40 students were a part of this industrial visit.
  • Bhaag UVCE Bhaag’ is more of a tradition than just a fun filled event. It allows college fresher to get to know about events, institutions, and people in and around their branches at college. There were around a whopping 120-130 fresher’s taking part in the event. All the participants were divided into a group of 4 people with each member from a different branch. Each team was given a clue and had to find the remaining 10 clues based on their knowledge about college. The first team to get all the 10 clues would be declared the winner and would await unfold goodies from the IEEE!
  • The event ‘FUNZO’ happened on the 20th of august. The event consisted of three rounds. The first round had two parts, firstly the memory game in which the participants were shown two slides filled with pictures and asked to note down whatever they saw on the screen, and secondly the general quiz in which they were asked 15 questions from a vivid genre of topics. The second round ‘webbed’ had three related pictures shown to a team, for it to recognize the movie. The final round was ‘hangman’.
  • IEEE UVCE along with Christ University co-hosted the Bangalore Section SYW 2015, with all support of logistics and designing of the event which was held on 28th – 30th August 2015.
  • A field trip was conducted to ISRO Satellite Centre on September 28th, 2015. 55 students and 2 faculty members attended the trip. Students were briefed about various ISRO space missions, satellites and space vehicles. A tour was taken, where we were shown various satellite parts and components, and also “Clean Room” where satellites are manufactured. Students were also informed about job opportunities at ISRO. It was a wonderful opportunity to know about an Indian organization which has achieved tremendously in the field of Space research.
  • CREATRIX was a story writing competition organized by the literary club of UVCE in association with the IEEE. It aimed at prompting creative writing as well as improving ones linguistic skill which is an essential prerequisite for a good engineer. An initial phrase “Bruce shivered, it wasn’t the cold” was given to the participants to add a twist to the event.
  • Tech Quiz On was a technical quiz conducted in the month of September, on the occasioning of Engineers day. The event saw a participation of over 100 students.
  • IEEE UVCE orientation day was held on the 9th of September 2015. About 250 students witnessed the event. The students were enlightened about various facts such as what IEEE is, advantages of being an IEEE member, events conducted by IEEE at different levels as well as activities conducted introduced. The students were given an opportunity to express themselves and ask questions regarding the IEEE. The Repcoms for the present academic year were nominated and introduced. The orientation ended with a fun activity.
  • A two day automobile workshop was organized by the IEEE on 3rd and 4th of October in collaboration with Robosapiens technologies to help provide students an insight into the world of automobile designing. All concepts were explained with the help of theory as well as special animations to ensure that the topics were well understood by the attendees. Several working models were also employed for effective comprehension of the topics addressed. The event witnessed a footfall of around 90students and was a huge success.
  • The art forum conducted an art competition on 5th November 2015 for all the art enthusiasts in college providing them with a platform to display their skills. The freestyle nature of the competition ensured that the creativity wasn’t constrained by any means. Clearly the crowd favorite this event helped create some of these brilliant masterpieces.
  • Pre Kagada Poster Making Session and Aavishkar meet: As a curtain raiser for Kagada 2015, on 23rd of September 2015, a workshop on how to make a technical poster was conducted and few examples of a technical poster were shown. Simultaneously an Aavishkar meet was conducted by the Aavishkar club. The Aavishkar club was introduced to the students and the ones who were interested in research and were willing to be a part of the UVCE research world were asked to join in. The final year students who were involved in research also addressed the students. About 75 students attended the event.
  • Kagada is the annual technical paper presentation competition organized by IEEE UVCE. It was held on 9th of October and aimed to inspire undergraduate students to take up research and promote critical thinking. The technical papers and posters were categorized under undergraduate (UG), post graduate (PG) and women in engineering (WIE) category respectively. Each category received over 20 entries, of which around 6 best papers were selected and were judged based on originality and quality. Along with the technical papers and projects, STAR conducted a basic workshop on computer for government school kids.
  • STAR Event and Food for Cause On the 9th of October 2015, during Kagada, two events from STAR and WIE together were organized. Students of 8th, 9th and 10th standard from two different government schools of Bangalore were invited to the college accompanied by their teachers. A career counselling session was conducted by the placement coordinators of the college. This was followed up by an icebreaker named Pictionary. Next a team building event i.e. building an efficient bridge was conducted. After lunch the students presented the handmade posters which they had prepared based on the theme ‘solutions to the basic problems in society’ and they were judged. Then there were led to the computer lab and a basic workshop on how to use google was held.  The day ended with the chief guest sir Sudeendra Koushik giving away the prizes to the winners of the icebreakers and poster making competition. All the students were handed over participation certificates too. On the very same day the students of the college were asked to put up food stalls in the premises of the college. As per the instructions two groups of students consisting of four members each put up two different food stalls wherein they had prepared the food on their own. The money which was collected was then given as scholarship to the deserving students of the college.
  • Mock Xtreme As a preparation for IEEE xtreme, mock xtreme, a coding competition was conducted by UVCE and NIE under IEEE Bangalore section on the 26th of September 2015. The competition went on for twelve hours and there were a set of 9 problems based on algorithms, data structures and simple logic based questions of varying difficulty level. About 100 teams had registered for the event.
  • C programming class Since ‘C’ programming is one of the basic and most useful arsenal that can be applied anywhere in the IT sector, a session on ‘C’ programming was conducted on the 5th of November 2015. All the introductory concepts of ‘C’ were covered till loops along with the execution shown. The session witnessed an overwhelming turnout of about 170 students.
  • IEEE UVCE co-hosted WIE SYMPOSIUM 2015, in collaboration with IEEE India Council AG on 7th November 2015 at Amritha School of Engineering.

IEEE Events Report 2014

IEEE Events Report 2014

  • A WIE session was held as part of the IEEE Industry Day celebration on 7th January 2014 at J N TATA Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The session had 3 distinguished speakers talk, which centred on the core theme of women safety and assistive technology. The session saw over 100 participants. WIE IEEE UVCE conducted a session on Technology Solutions for Women at this event which had eminent speakers as Dr. Ramalatha Marimuttu, Dr.Chitra Thyagarajan and Ms. Sahana J.
  • IEEE UVCE student branch volunteered for IEEE International Workshop on Women in Electromagnetics held by IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on 7th and 8th March 2014.
  • IEEE Bangalore Section organized the Branch Councillors Meet on 13th April, 2014. Branch Councillors and Office Bearers from all over the section were invited to discuss various issues and address the Student Branches on various issues related to the section. The meet was held at University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore and saw participation from around 20 colleges. The main highlight of the event was that the Internship Portal IeeeINTERNSHIP and the section magazine FUSION were inaugurated. Also a bid was called on for the Flagship events for the Section, BRV Vardhan Paper presentation competition and the Student Leadership Congress.
  • IMPETUS ‘14 was held on the 4th and 5th of April, 2014 and was based on the theme of ‘RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT’ and saw a footfall of over 700 participants this year. All the seminars and events organised as part of IMPETUS ’14 were centred on the theme. The chief guests were Dr. G K Suryanarayan, Chief Scientist at NAL; Mr. Ravikiran Annaswamy, Chair, IEEE Bangalore Section and Mr.Yathish L N, CTO, Huawei Technologies India. Some of the Events of IMPETUS ‘14 were: QUIZZICAL, SWITCHPLAY, RECRUIT, SUMMIT, ICODE, FACE OFF, ROBOTICS and GAME THEORY. These events were accompanied by many other fun events like BUSYNESS 2.0, PRISON BREAK, SHERLOCKED and BLACK OUT which saw huge turnouts.
  • On 5th April 2014, an alumni meet was held for the active alumni of IEEE UVCE in IMPETUS. An interactive session was organized where the alumni and the current Execom members put forth their opinions, shared some of their past experiences and talked about how being part of IEEE helped them. After the session, the alumni members took part in Epsilon, a Cyber Treasure Hunt that was designed as part of the fun session.
  • Our members presented their papers in international conferences. Professor Kiran K presented his paper at IEEE TENSYMP 2014, held at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, on 14-16 April 2014.
  • The Branch Counsellor of IEEE UVCE, Dr P Deepa Shenoy has been appointed as the Student Activities Committee Chairperson of the IEEE Bangalore Section for the year 2014-15.
  • N-Code, the programming club of IEEE UVCE conducted online programming contests to encourage students to take up programming and to enrich the programming abilities of the students. More than 100 Students from UVCE participated in Ncode contests that were held every month on Codechef.
  • IEEEXTREME 7.0 saw participation from over 11 teams from the Student Branch and team Fellowshipof0 consisting of Jithin Joseph, 8th Sem ECE; Adhiviraj Singh Bangari,6th Sem Mech; Prashanth S, 6th Sem Mech secured first rank in the student branch, a country rank of 17 and a world rank of 264.
  • Ripples are our weekly events which are to provide encouragement and platforms to young students to improve their organizing, leadership and public speaking skills.
  • The literary club brought the newsletter named PatrIEEEka. In this articles from student members were included.
  • Bhaag UVCE Bhaag, a treasure hunt, was the first event organized in our college on 12th August 2014. This event was exclusively for the 1st years to welcome them. The event saw a participation of 110 enthusiastic students.
  • Session on Basics of Programming in C was conducted by UVCE NCODE. The workshop was a boost for all the students to lay their hands on programming. Conducted on 20th August 2014, around 90 people from all branches attended the session.
  • The Python Workshop was organised on 23rd August 2014 by Pycon India, an organisation dedicated to develop the Python programming language skills among people. The workshop was morning to evening lasting hands-on session. It witnessed a participation of more than 100 students.
  • Game Theory 101 was a new category of event held on 2nd September 2014. The first round was a quiz on mathematics problems based on probability and logic.
  • The Aavishkar Club of IEEE UVCE held a meet on 9th September 2014 to discuss on research and development among students. The organisers explained the preliminaries to start research in college answering questions like where to start, what to start with etc. Also, they highlighted Project Vishisht where interested students could select their field of interest and guides will be allocated to lead their research. Around 50 people attended the event.
  • Four UVCE alumni from IBM conducted a session on IBM Blue Mix on 12th September 2014. IBM Blue Mix is the latest cloud offering from IBM which enables organizations and developers to quickly and easily create, deploy and manage applications on the cloud. The session started with a brief description on the new open source software. This was followed by a Q&A session where a lucky few won goodies. A demonstration on trending microcontroller devices like Raspberry pie was presented. A total of 70 students attended the event.
  • The IEEE UVCE membership drive for the current year 2014-2015 started off with the IEEE Orientation held in the Seminar Hall at Jnana-Jyothi Auditorium. The orientation witnessed a turnout of 200 students. Various benefits of IEEE in the Global level as well as student branch level were made known to the audience.
  • Four students from IEEE UVCE student branch volunteered for Smart Tech Metro Area Series Workshop held by IEEE Bangalore Section at Hotel Lalit Ashok on 26th and 27th September 2014.
  • A TISP volunteer Workshop was conducted by IEEE UVCE in association with IEEE Young Professionals on 28th September 2014. Over 30 volunteer students of IEEE UVCE were trained through various sessions and fun activities by the Young Professional volunteers so that they can go to various schools and train teachers by conducting sessions in a similar manner to enhance their teaching skills.
  • Five of our students Aravinda S K, Chitra S Reddy, Deepika Poovaiha, Mahesh R B, Kaushik K N were selected to attend the IEEE All India Student Congress from 6th-8th October 2014 held at Nirma University, Gujarat.
  • ‘IEEE day’ which was conducted on 12th of October was one of the huge successes in the history of IEEE UVCE. WIE IEEE UVCE had been a part of it. WIE team had conducted a fun event ‘JUST SAY KNOW’ where in participants of about 40 were present which resulted in 10 teams. We organized an event named ‘TECHFUN’ which was technically fun oriented treasure hunt event. Also a number of innovative events like round table programming, a robotics exhibition where different kinds of liner robots were live demonstrated, session on design thinking were conducted. Participants enjoyed their whole time and also we had a very good feedback about the event from all the participants. All the winners were given away with goodies like pen drives, t shirts and headphones.
  • Electrical and Electronics Club organized orientation day along with an event on 15th October 2014. Event was to guess the names of latest and trending technologies looking at related pictures. This event was attended by most of the electrical and electronics students of UVCE. Around 40 students attended the event.
  • A Poster Session was conducted by Aavishkar club ahead of KAGADA 2014 on 20th October. The major goal of the workshop was to encourage the students and answer their questions about basics of making a technical poster. Around 40 students attended the session and it was of great help to the first year students who were new the research part of technical field.
  • Microsoft in Association with Women in Engineering (WIE) conducted a Webinar on the 30th October, 2014.This session was aimed at learning about some of the advancements in technology and the new products being developed to improve lives of humans. The session was conducted by the Microsoft Student Partners from UVCE and it witnessed an audience of around 30 women. This interactive session ended with a quick quiz on coding in which the students participated with great enthusiasm.
  • IEEE UVCE along with IEEE Bangalore Section had the privilege of hosting Kristen MacCartney, Manager, and University Relations on 30th October. An interactive session with her was organized where students from various student branches and from UVCE attended. After her keynote address, office bearers from various student branches presented a brief overview about the activities of their respective IEEE student branches. Over 100 students attended the session.
  • A Hands-on Certificate Workshop on Sixth Sense technology was organized by IEEE UVCE in association with Technophilia Systems on 1st and 2nd November 2014. This workshop was attended by over 80 students and the certified instructors oriented the students about sixth sense technology through teaching about various topics in Mat lab. By the end of the workshop the students were experienced in controlling of PowerPoint presentations, playing songs in media player, capturing photos and other tasks through hand gestures.
  • An event known as UVCE Jaatre was held on 12th November 2014. IEEE UVCE had organized a stall at this fair where students were informed about the activities and events conducted by IEEE UVCE for students and the IEEE membership FAQs were also answered. Also at the stall, fun rapid round quizzes were held about technical topics and the winners were awarded goodies.
  • KAGADA 2014, the National Annual Technical Paper Symposium of IEEE UVCE was held on the 14th November 2014. Total of 30 papers were received from various colleges, out of which 10 were shortlisted in all the categories. KAGADA ’14 witnessed participation from students from Mysore, Tumkur and Tamil Nadu along with top colleges from Bangalore. KAGADA saw active participation from the students in all the paper presentation categories.
  • STAR program through WIE, IEEE UVCE conducted a full day event for students of Government BBMP High School, Chikkapet. The program for the day included career counselling, workshop on MS office, poster competition on the topic ‘Swacch Bharat’ and small fun filled games. The event hoped to encourage the students to take up higher education and a platform to showcase their talents .The best posters, active students and talented individuals were suitably rewarded. By the end of the day, the students reluctantly returned home with prizes and gifts from the event.
  • An Industrial Visit to Microsoft was organized for the students on 15th November 2014. 50 Students along with two faculty co-ordinators visited Microsoft office at Embassy Golf Link Parks where they got an opportunity to discover the working of a software industry and learn about trending topics in the industry.
  • The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) includes a series of conferences designed to bring the research and career interests of women in computing to the forefront. Around 14 female students from UVCE were awarded scholarships to attend the conference. The three day conference included hackathon, poster presentation competition, panels on entrepreneurship, technical topics and career advancement. The Fifth Annual Grace Hopper Celebration, India took place in Hotel Lalit Ashok from 19th to 21st November 2014.

IEEE Events Report 2013

IEEE Events Report 2013

  • Online programming contests were conducted by the Ncode SIG to encourage students to take up programming and to identify the best programmers in college. An event titled Ncode-Reloaded was conducted to train students for IEEE Xtreme.
  • IEEE XTREME 6.0 saw participation from over 10 teams from the Student Branch and teams secured ranks 339, 447, 693 and 730 on an International level.
  • Open Source UVCE Meetup (OSUM), a Special Interest Group delving into open knowledge and innovation in the open source world was started this year. A session was conducted by OSUM about Linux and open source technologies.
  • The OSUM SIG conducted Hackathon ’13, a daylong event in which participants designed useful apps using python. There were over 60 participants.
  • Robotics Club conducted a seminar on how to build a line follower robot from scratch followed by which was a session and workshop on Autonomous robots conducted by Li2 Innovations.
  • Last year we had planned to start an Astronomy club for space enthusiasts. We have accomplished the same and this witnessed the setting up of an Astronomy SIG to cater the interests of astronomy aficionados. The Astronomy Club conducted two seminars on the Transit of Venus and Higgs Boson-the God particle and the works done at the LHC for the students by the students.
  • The astronomy club also conducted a talk dealing with the mysteries surrounding the moon landing by US.
  • As per our previous year’s plan, web designing workshop covering HTML, JavaScript, CSS and server side scripting languages exclusively for members.
  • WIE IEEE UVCE organized a two day workshop, WIE-MINE (Motivating, Inspiring and Navigating Engineers) on the 30th of January and 1st January 2013. The workshop was designed keeping in mind the importance that data analysis has gained over the years.
  • There were talks on Image Processing and Biometrics by Chetana Hegde and on Computer Networks by Anita Kanavalli, for the benefit of students pursuing research under Avishkar.
  • A workshop on Speed Math was conducted to enhance the thinking capacity by Vista-Mind which was attended by many participants.
  • A field trip to TITAN Industries in Hosur was organized to learn about the heavy machinery at work in the testing, waterproofing and packaging units.
  • Student members participated in the IEEE Bangalore section BRV Vardhan paper presentation awards and won the consolation prize.
  • Student members from IEEE UVCE volunteered at SIMPLE, an event organized by IEEE Bangalore Section to help professional members apply and get elevated to IEEE Senior membership.
  • IEEE UVCE helped volunteer at the Power Electronics conference organized by the Power and Energy Society , IEEE Bangalore Section on “Advances in Distributed Generation : Micro-Grid, Net-Metering & Renewable Integration”.
  • IEEE UVCE in association with IEEE GOLD and SMILE Foundation organized the Teacher In Service Programme (TISP) which was aimed at inculcating innovative teaching at the high school level.
  • WIE Professional activities Day was organized by the IEEE Bangalore Section on 1st September, 2013. This was an event that aimed at budding professional women engineers who were a part of IEEE. There was a Skills session, a talk on career aspects for women, an elite panel discussion, keynote addressing and much more. The event saw participation from over 100 students from UVCE, RNSIT, Reva, SKSJTI, BMSCE, VVIET Mysore, GIT Belgaum etc. WIE IEEE UVCE actively volunteered for the event. Our efforts were well recognized when WIE IEEE UVCE won the Most Active WIE Branch at the Bangalore Section level. The award was given on the WIE Professional Activities Day.
  • IEEE Student Leadership Congress 2013, based on the theme of LEADERSHIP & ENTREPRENEURSHIP was organized by IEEE Mysore Hub on 14th-15th September in Suttur. A group of students were selected to attend the congress where they got an opportunity to listen to many sessions of diverse topics. The students selected from our student branch to attend the meet were Chaithanya Rai K, Mahesh R B, Tejas N, Bharathkumar Hegde, Kaushik K R, Uma Priya and Kaushik K N.
  • IEEE Day was held on 30th September 2013 which was also an orientation program for the fresher’s and showcased the various advantages of being an IEEE member.
  • IEEE All India Student Congress 2013 was hosted by the IEEE Madras Section from 3rd-6th October at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, and Tamil Nadu. 5 Students- Vidhya K Pai, Madhuri K Madan, Kunal S, Swaroop E and Prashanth S from our college were selected to attend this congress.
  • WIE Day was organized on 22nd October, 2013. This was an orientation program for everyone, organized by WIE IEEE UVCE. The attendees were briefed up about what WIE does, about its benefits etc.
  • KAGADA ‘13, the National Annual Technical Paper Symposium of IEEE UVCE was held on the 8th November 2013. Total of 40 papers were received from various colleges, out of which 17 were shortlisted. KAGADA ’13 witnessed participation from students from Mysore, Mandya, Mangalore and Belgaum along with top colleges from Bangalore. KAGADA saw active participation from the students in all the paper presentation categories. Also, a STAR program was organized where 30 girl students from Govt Girls High School, Ulsoor were invited to our college. We had an ice breaker session and a poster presentation competition organized for them.
  • Session on Web designing happened on 9th November, 2013. This event was open to all and saw participation from over 80 students. An alumnus of UVCE from SAP Labs, Chandrajith P B and a final year student of UVCE, Kaushik Dutt were the speakers for the event. The session was hands- on and at the end of it, tools and languages required to build a website was roughly covered.
  • On 12th November, 2013, the IEEE UVCE Execom got an opportunity to meet Dr. Ramalatha Marimuthu, the chairperson of WIE IEEE Madras Section. Dr. Ramalatha had come to our college and the execom had a great time interacting with her.
  • The Grace Hopper Celebration India conference was held at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore from 13th- 15th November, 2013. 8 students from UVCE, received scholarships to attend the event. A team comprising of Samhitha M R, 8thsem ISE and Shruthy S, 8thsem CSE also got a chance to be a part of the poster presentation at the conference.
  • The IEEE UVCE Execom also got a chance to meet Dr. Parveen Wahid, the WIE Chairperson of Orlando, on 11th December, 2013. Dr. Parveen gave a presentation on what WIE does, how the members are benefited and also inspired the students in many ways.

Milagro – 2K17

UVCE organized Inter-Collegiate Cultural extravaganza “MILAGRO – 2K17” on 19th and 20th May, 2017. Sanchari Vijay, Sandalwood inaugurated the opening ceremony.

Following events were held:

19/05/17: Dance, Battle of Bands, MadAdds, Entertainment Quiz, Sandalwood Quiz, Roadies

20/05/17: Singing, Fashion Show, DJ Night.

UVCE Golden Reunion of 1962-67 Batch

Centenary Year of UVCE marks 50 years of 1967 Batch. Let us celebrate the golden years at UVCE in a fitting manner. Join with your spouse to spend a day together, relive student days!

  • All those who were part of the 1962-67 Batch – i.e.  joined UVCE in ’62 or attended Survey Camp in Dec ’64 or were in final year in ’67 – are most welcome to join the Reunion.
  • Please send your contact details at https://goo.gl/forms/nagcGmde82lQSknt1 or send SMS to Dr. D. N.  Suresh 98866 47191, to keep you informed.

Thank You!